About Film

The Last Smile independent film has been educating viewers from continent to continent. It is 87 minutes long independent film, produced by Amit Zutshi Foundation.

Watch an award winning movie highlighting dangerous OTC

Amit Zutshi Foundation is excited to announce the release of our award-winning film on various online platforms. The film won 8 awards at major international film festivals and was nominated for 3 more. This included winning the prestigious Best Feature at Burbank International film festival 2017.

The last smile is 87 minutes long independent film, presented by Amit Zutshi Foundation, highlighting the dangers of over-the-counter-supplements and the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry involved in marketing these life threatening products, and one that remains totally unregulated by the FDA. The film has been written and directed by Shankey Srinivasan and has traveled to many countries in various continents (North America, Europe and Africa).

Brief Story

This book tells the story of a father's journey from growing up in conflict-torn Kashmir, India, to building a prosperous life in America. He tells the poignant story of losing his son, Amit, who was in the beginning of a promising career, excited about the political future of this country, and who took a great interest in living a health conscious lifestyle before he died suddenly at age 30. 

Healthcare System

 In his pursuit of optimal health, he took over-the-counter herbal supplements, which in the end compromised his heart. This book provides a backdrop to a healthcare system badly in need of reform and the growing alternative health movement, which many like Amit are turning to as a preventative approach.


Jeevan Zutshi is also desperately seeking Parents Rights, which are non-existent at present. By sharing their experiences, the Zutshis hope to make their son's loss as having been not in vain

About Director

Shankey Srinivasan, a San Francisco Bay Area based Indian-American filmmaker is the writer and Director of the film "The Last Smile" inspired by the book written by Mr. Jeevan Zutshi. His film has played at various film festivals around the world and won awards.