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Dr. Nilima Sabharwal October 8, 2016

I left the movie theater with a heavy heart because this movie “touched” me and "stirred "emotions inside me.
For this I give credit to the excellent direction and natural acting by the actors. The Fathers immense love for his son was portrayed in a very deep, natural way which touches the core of your heart.
The powerful message of this movie was portrayed in a very natural, family setting way which kept the audience engaged without dragging the movie.
I left the movie theater with renewed admiration and respect to Amit Zutshi Foundation,especially Jeevan Zutshi for taking his life's personal tragedy and pain and making it into a powerful message for the world. I salute him for his dedication and selfless commitment to a humanitarian cause that can happen to anyone.
This movie gives you the knowledge and awareness of the "dangerous marketing” that is prevalent in our society that all of us could be victims to. It takes courage to take a complex subject like this and an act of genius to present it in a movie which is so engaging and also entertaining.
I give this movie 5 star.

Dr. Vijay Sazawal October 31, 2016

As a personal testimonial, let me say that I have seen the film and the movie is very touching and, if you are a parent, very moving.

Rekha Dave Nov 1, 2016

"The LAST SMILE” is a great book and movie. I read the book and watched this movie and must say that I recommend to all my friends and relatives to see it. This movie is about how a father who has struggled for an answer of his son's death is committed to find the root cause of his son's death- Heart breaking truth. Every parent, every adults, every teenager must see this movie or read the book. It tells you the danger of nutritional health supplements, highly caffeinated energy drinks and many more substitute drugs. These drugs can cause a stroke or take your life away in no time. I rate this book and movie five star. I appreciate Mr. Jeevan Zutshi to educate our society.

Mona Vijaykar on Nov. 7, 2016

“The Last Smile” is a movie that will haunt me for a long time. The anguish of parents who lose their adult son to the callousness of a diet supplement company and an unscrupulous medical system, weighs heavy upon the heart. I salute Jeevan Zutshi ji for his courage and determination to produce a movie that would alert the world to the dark and dangerous side of the diet supplement industry, in spite of the risks involved. Danny Arroyo and Keith Stevenson do justice to a brilliantly edited and directed screenplay by Shankey Srinivasan."

Chaba Giraldo on December 7, 2016

A moving and quite significant gathering with Jeevan Zutshi after the screening of "The Last Smile" which of course -when it comes to Mr. & Mrs. Zutshi- it´s never “the last”, but always an everlasting and permanent Smile ☺! Thanks for coming to RIVER TO RIVER Florence Indian Film Festival, Florence, Italy 

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